Partnering: NSC’s Pathway for Success

The team at Nano Safe Coatings will work in partnership with you to meet your specialized needs. Although our product can be applied to virtually any surface, no two surfaces are the same and require a unique approach to ensure efficacy. As a result, we work with you and your technical team to make certain all issues are addressed before the devices or products are treated. We are eager to partner with you to prove our antimicrobial technology works with your devices, products and processes, and to set a clear pathway to commercialization.

First, we exchange and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Second, we work with your business and technical teams to understand what you want to achieve by using our antimicrobial surface treatments.


  • Meeting the unmet need of microbial control on products.
  • Allowing for antimicrobial performance claims.
  • Reducing the risks and consequences of any possible litigation for lack of “best available technologies.”
  • Reducing Healthcare-Acquired Infections (HAI).
  • Differentiation for devices and products in the marketplace.
  • Be seen as an innovator and leader in the industry.
  • Meeting of customers' demand for safer products.
  • Instilling customer confidence and trust.

Third, with a clear understanding of your needs and wants, our technical team will give you and your colleagues an in-depth presentation on NSC technologies and capabilities.

Fourth, immediately after the presentation, we will work with you and your team to accomplish the following:

  • Identify primary contacts/project owners and implementers at your company and ours.
  • You will be asked to compete a questionnaire so we can better understand your goals and expectations.
  • Identify devices/products to be treated.
  • Ship products/devices & Material Data Sheets (MDS)/Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to our technical team at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada for treatment or arrange for trial coating in your facility.
  • Determine needed microbial and chemical analytical testing after coating is applied, and agree on responsibilities and cost sharing.
  • Agree on technical goals for FDA 510(k) filings and commercialization.
  • Develop business agreement for licensing and royalties for commercialization.