Once you have determined that our technology will add value to your devices and products, we will negotiate a mutually beneficial licensing or royalty agreement with you, and develop a pathway to commercialization. It is in both our interests to make this process as efficient and timely as possible. We can work with your marketing, sales and finance departments to develop a strategy that will maximize the commercialization value of your devices and products treated with our technology. During this phase of our relationship, we will work with you and your team to address the following issues:

  • Does the treated device or product meet an unmet need?
  • Do you want to make specific claims stating your device or product has an antimicrobial coating or add the coating to reduce potential risk exposure for you company?
  • Is the treated device or product compatible and complimentary with your other devices and products the company sells?
  • Who is your target audience and why?
  • What are the potential business opportunities (financial and market share) once the device or product is introduced into the market?
  • What is the value proposition to your company and your customers?
  • Identify and quantify all steps in the value chain.
  • How will the devices or products be marketed?
  • Identify and evaluate the commercialization risks, issues, obstacles and service requirements associated with the device or product?

To ensure success, we will work closely with your team to help define, evaluate and analyze all aspects of the commercialization process.