The team at NSC consists of entrepreneurs, investors and scientists who are committed to reducing HAIs, which kills more people annually than breast cancer, AIDS and auto accidents combined – over 100,000 people ( Based on exhaustive and verifiable research, the team believes NSC’s technology will save lives, reduce risk, combat the rising threat of adaptable microbes, and improve the quality-of-life for patients and caregivers.

Dr. W. Curtis White, PhD, Chief Operating Officer
Dr. White has been involved in the research, development, registration, and commercialization of antimicrobial agents since 1962 as a teacher and working at Dow Chemical, F. Jos Lamb, Dow Corning, and Aegis. From 1991 to its sale in 2010, Curt White was the founder, co-owner, CEO, Chairman of the Board and Director of R&D for ÆGIS Environmental Management, a global supplier of solutions to microbial problems in buildings, enclosed transportation units and consumer and medical textiles including wound care products and construction materials (The AEGIS Microbe Shield® Program).
Currently, Dr. White is the CEO of Nano Safe Coatings and serves as Chief Technology Consultant and President for White IEQ Consulting, LLC (Midland, MI), is the Chairperson of the “Independent Commission for Improvement of Healthcare Outcomes and Cost-Containment in the Veteran’s Administration and Department of Defense Healthcare Systems," consults on microbiological problem identification and remediation/containment in buildings and products, and consults to commercial and consumer products companies.

Dr. White is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences in textile preservation and infection control and in the control of problem causing microbes in indoor environments and is recognized as a leader in the understanding and control of microbial problems on substrates, in products, and in the indoor environment. His involvement in professional, trade, and standards organizations setting standards and communicating the values of various antimicrobial technologies and modes of antimicrobial activity has kept him on the leading edge of technical, testing, and commercial developments in the fields of disinfection, preservation, and the protection of indoor environments from microbes causing deterioration, staining, malodors, and human health problems.

Dr. White has over 50 patents and 200 plus technical, trade, and standards organizations papers and presentations. He has spoken to medical forums in Europe, the USA, Singapore, and India on infection control principles.

Dr. Lukas Porosa, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Porosa earned a Ph.D. in Environmental and Applied Science under the guidance of Dr. Daniel Foucher and Dr. Gideon Wolfaardt from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. During his time at Ryerson from 2009-2014, Lukas developed new anchor technologies for immobilizing new quaternary ammonium antimicrobials onto non-porous surfaces, specifically common plastics and metal oxide surfaces for Nano Safe Coatings. By replacing the existing silane anchor from the well-known C18 hydrocarbon quaternary ammonium antimicrobial originally develop by Dow chemical with a benzophenone and organophosphate groups the antimicrobials now became capable of permanent and robust attachment onto metal and plastic surfaces at the nano level. Lukas's doctorate thesis was named to the governor general award in Canada and his research findings at Ryerson have resulted in over 10 scientific publications, 3 issued US patents, and 2 US published patent applications. Lukas is currently working in collaboration with Ryerson University and Nano Safe Coatings to commercialize and launch the novel antimicrobial coatings for the medical arena marketplace.

Michael B. Cooney, Sales Executive
Mike is a project management executive with nearly 30-years of experience working with private companies, academic institutions, government and quasi-government organizations. His career experience includes sales and marketing, economic development, workforce development, business development, international development and community/government relations.